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Laura Jane Williams

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

RED Magazine’s ‘Talking Point’ columnist, as well as Grazia’s ex-dating columnist and cult blogger of Superlatively Rude, Laura Jane Williams is an author, journalist, scriptwriter and public speaker.

Laura is known for her touching humanness, outrageous wit, and heartfelt truth-talking both on- and offline. Grazia editor Natahsa Pearlman said, “Laura writes all what is in our heads but are too afraid to say”, and Stylist declared that her, “honesty and voice are unique.”

Her journalism is well-known and highly trafficked. Recent bylines include: The Telegraph, The Metro, The Sun, Marie Claire, Stylist, The Debrief, and Buzzfeed. She is currently developing a TV show with a major Indy production company, and was Marie Claire’s 2016 Break Free from Fear ambassador, too.

As a speaker and broadcaster, Laura has appeared everywhere from Stylist Live to Soho Farmhouse, Sky News to BBC Radio.

Laura is the author of Amazon bestseller Becoming (’16) and self-help guide Ice Cream For Breakfast (’17), both from Hodder & Stoughton. Ice Cream is due for additional release worldwide, including America. Laura also writes about cultivating self-love in Stylist’s book Life Lessons From Remarkable Women (Penguin, ’18). Her debut novel, Our Stop, a romantic comedy, will be published by Avon in Summer 2019.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram on @superlativelylj.

Photo credit: Alexandra Cameron Photography

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