Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency


We are temporarily closed to new submissions. However, we’ll be re-opening on Tuesday 23rd April 2019, so check back here then for information about how to submit your work to us. And in the meantime, happy writing! We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ella says:

I love the creative side of the agent/author relationship, and finding authors bursting with energy and ideas. I’m particularly looking for commercial and upmarket fiction with a compelling story and a confident, distinctive writing voice, whether it be historical, contemporary, or futuristic. I am also looking for children’s fiction for the 9-12 and YA age groups in any genre. Please note I am not looking for any adult fantasy for the time being, though I will consider upmarket speculative fiction.

I want there to be a sense of purpose and direction to the story, which might be driven by the emotional journey the character goes on, or by a strong, pacy plot with an intriguing concept or ‘hook’ at the heart of the story that’s going to immediately pique my curiosity. I need realistic and engaging characters who I’m going to care about and want to champion, authentic dialogue, and vivid, immersive settings, so I can sink into the world of the story.

I am also interested in distinctive memoir, and in narrative non-fiction, focusing on social and cultural topics (both contemporary and historical), historical biography and archaeology.

Bryony says:

As an agent, people always ask me what I’m ‘looking for’ in a manuscript. But honestly, I won’t truly know until I’ve found it.

I can tell you that I like strong, distinct voices, vivid characters and powerful stories that grab hold of me and won’t let me go. I like books that make me laugh, books that make me cry. Gothic novels; historical mysteries; fairytales; ghost stories; contemporary novels with a classic feel. Stories with a touch of magic. Narratives with a unique twist, or told from an unusual perspective. Quirky books for children and compelling fiction for young adults, from heartbreaking tales to exciting adventures. Stories that are dark, honest, strange and different. Books that surprise me, stories that transport me to other worlds.

All of my favourite books are ones I did not know I was looking for, but once I had found them I simply could not imagine my life without them.

So send me something. Anything. It may not be what I think I’m looking for, but it might just capture my heart.