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Publication date
May 30, 2017

Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film

Author: Sharon Gosling

Director Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sees the hero brought to the big screen for the first time in her own movie, and fully realizes the breathtaking wonder, strength, and grace of such an historic character. Wonder Woman: The Art & Making of the Film celebrates the creation of this groundbreaking movie, taking fans on a voyage of discovery through the world of Wonder Woman. Showcasing the earliest concept art, set and costume designs, sketches and storyboards, the book delves deep into the filmmaking process, from creating the stunning island of Themyscira to the war-torn trenches and towns of First World War Europe.

This official companion explores the Amazons’ rigorous training regimens, their weaponry, armor, Themysciran culture, and the amazing women themselves. With exclusive insights from cast and crew, including director Patty Jenkins, production designer Aline Bonetto, and Diana herself, Gal Gadot, this volume is the premier guide to the past, present, and future of one of the most iconic heroes in the world – Wonder Woman.

"If you're into seeing all the love and detail that go into making a major motion picture like Wonder Woman great, then this book is absolutely for you. Really, this book is for damn near anyone." birthmoviesdeath.com
"It really is a gateway to learning more about why the Wonder Woman movie has been such a hit, and why it is the best DC movie to date." Entertainment Buddha
"One of the most beautiful modern franchise film books I've ever seen, reminding one of the striking compositions, costume work, and iconic imagery that Patty Jenkins uses in her film." rogerebert.com
"Overall, fans of the film and Wonder Woman will not be able to put this book down. It is an absolute must for all fans of us." Latino Review
"An incredible book and was such a joy to read." fangirlnation.com
"This book is the perfect way to celebrate the Wonder Woman movie and gets our highest recommendation." BatmanNotes.com
"This art book is gorgeous and fully represents the film and how the world should perceive Diana Prince/Wonder Woman." Gamers Sphere
"Fans of the film will love this book, so it gets a strong recommend from us for anyone who was left wanting more from Wonder Woman." Filmpulse.com
"The 'Wonder Woman' Art of the Film book might be the best cinematic coffee table book yet." Film School Rejects