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HQ (HarperCollins)
Publication date
May 18, 2017


Author: Virginia Macgregor

The stunning new YA novel from acclaimed author Virginia Macgregor.

Feather Tucker loves her mum more than anyone else in the entire world. They tell each other everything. There’s only one problem: at 37 stone, Feather’s mum is one of the most overweight people in England.

When Feather comes home one New Year’s Eve to find her mother in a diabetic coma, she realises that this is a serious wakeup call. Something has to be done if she’s to save her mum’s life and pull her ever-more-distant family back together. But when Mum refuses to co-operate with Feather’s attempts to help her, Feather realises that her mum’s problems run deeper than just an unhealthy appetite.

Over time, Feather’s mission to help Mum becomes an investigation. When did her mum’s life spiral out of control, and why? What secret has her mum been hiding from her for all of these years? And most importantly: can Feather fix it?

“Sensitively handled . . . Feather’s journey from ignorance to knowledge and understanding is rounded out by a vivid cast of characters.” Irish Times
“Virginia Macgregor has a way of creating worlds that are real and warm and truthful; settings and characters that stick with you so that you want to stay with them. Wishbones is a fine example. It’s well paced, skilfully plotted with characters you root for and revelations that will keep you turning the pages. It’s a brilliant book and one I know I’ll be recommending to all.” Serendipity Reviews
“There are some very powerful messages in this book and Macgregor has to be commended for her skill and bravery in telling this story.” Broc's Bookcase
“This is one of the best YA books that I’ve read about depression and eating disorders. It illustrates what it’s like to be a teenager in the 21st century . . . a touching, heart-warming tale.” On My Bookshelf
“A heartbreaking but hugely important read” Laura Patricia Rose Blog
“Wishbones is a great book that should be read by adults and kids alike.” A Bookworm's Guide To Life
“This is a delightful book, written with sympathy and humour, which looks into the very topical concern of eating disorders at both ends of the scale . . . a hugely enjoyable read.” TES
“Compelling, gritty and suffused with promise, this is a true triumph of contemporary YA” Joanne Owen, lovereading4kids.co.uk