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Publication date
September 5, 2019

Trouble in New York

Author: Sylvia Bishop

Jamie Creeden has always wanted to be a reporter – so when he is given a tour of the famous YORKER newspaper, he can’t believe his luck. But a chance phone call draws him into the mystery of the missing actress. Soon Jamie, along with his new friends Eve and Rose, must navigate a tense world of infamous villains, double crosses and carefully planted clues – a world in which he can trust absolutely no one. He still longs to be on the front page – but at what cost?

Set in 1960s New York, this is another beautifully written mystery from Sylvia Bishop, author of THE SECRET OF THE NIGHT TRAIN.

"I adored Trouble In New York... This is a classy crime story for middle grade readers, that will almost certainly appeal to anyone who enjoyed Robin Stevens’ The Guggenheim Mystery and Katherine Rundell’s The Good Thieves." Crime Review
"Infamous villains, double crosses and carefully planted clues..." The Reading Realm
"Bishop writes with an assured confidence, imbuing her characters and her insights with warmth. She has a style that brings the essence of a children’s world into a larger view of right and wrong, so that the reader feels secure in the familiarity of the adventure, whilst at the same time having their horizons broadened." MinervaReads
"This will feed the appetite of mystery readers, while the deeper questions the book explores make it a good choice for readers who are less familiar with the genre." Book Murmuration