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Publication date
July 7, 2016

Through The Mirror Door

Author: Sarah Baker

Twelve-year-old Angela doesn’t have a family – not since the tragic accident that tore her life apart. Living in foster care, suffering from survivor’s guilt and unable to face the truth of what happened that night, Angela is offered a chance: a holiday to France with her cold, distant Aunt Cece and horrible cousins Kitty and Fliss. If she behaves, she’s told that she might be allowed to stay with them, to have a family again.

But faced with the constant taunting of her cousins and still unable to accept the truth about the accident, Angela finds herself more alone than ever. Until she stumbles into a disused room in the crumbling French manor house, and meets a boy from 1898: Julien. But Julien’s time is running out. He is dying of typhoid.

A tale of survival and friendship beyond all odds, Through The Mirror Door is set to become a future children’s classic.

"A thrilling mystery that looks set to become a modern classic...An inspiring tale of survival, friendship and love, this is an enchanting debut from an exciting new children’s author." Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post
"A highly original mystery story that successfully combines a modern day and historical setting. A definite must-read." The Bookbag
"Angela is a heart-breaking character, driven by loneliness and guilt. She does not believe she deserves a home, or that she truly belongs anywhere. Readers will get caught up in her adventure as she throws all thoughts of herself aside in order to save a boy she barely knows." Booktrust
"A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile read." The Book Activist
"This is an unusual, absorbing story that quickly draws you in. It is full of interesting twists and surprises that will keep you guessing. I couldn't put it down." Primary Times
"Heartwarming and thoughtful – there’s a lot to love here" Kate Ormand
"This time-slip novel mixes intrigue, friendship, hope, fear and a dash of spookiness to great effect. Well paced throughout, with an increasingly tightly coiled onwards draw towards the final pages, Baker's book successfully mixes a fresh modern sensibility with a historically rooted yet timeless story about our need to face our demons and our desire to feel a secure sense of "home", however we define it … 'Through the Mirror Door' delivers a wonderful dose of escapism along with something a little meatier to feel inspired by. An accomplished début I'll be recommending to many 9-13 year olds." Playing by the Book
"Exceptional - it really takes you into another world, and had me hooked from the first page...A compelling story that keeps the reader on tenterhooks. Parents In Touch
"An intriguing, beautiful debut...marvellously spooky and will keep you guessing to the very end." Book Lover Jo
"A huge atmospheric ghost story, which is layered full of mystery ... a brilliant debut book and a highly recommended read." Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books
"Captivating and twisty, [Baker's] use of classic ingredients makes a fantastic new dish." MinervaReads