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Oxford University Press Children's Book
Publication date
August 4, 2016
Other publishers
Hansol Soobook (Korean)

The Way To Outer Space

Author and Illustrator: Jay Eunji Lee

Do you want to inspire your child’s imagination through reading AND creative play? Join Em as she receives a mysterious present with instructions for building a her very own space rocket! Harnessing the power of her imagination Em travels to through space to a mysterious planet, whose inhabitants need her help.

A stunning picture book that incorporates simple activities into the story to inspire your child’s creative play. Learn to build a model rocket, draw alien friends, and make origami stars!

"I love this book which is a clever combination of story and creative activities; space is a topic which enthralls most children and it offers lots of scope for activities as this book shows so well... Unusual and inspiring." www.parentsintouch.co.uk
"An interesting combination of story, facts and creative activities to inspire readers" The Bookseller