Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Publication date
May 3, 2018
Other publishers
Zielona Sowa (Polish), Piemme (Italian), Lira (Hungarian), Papadopoulos (Greek), Polyandria (Russian), Oakhill (UK Audio)

The Secret of the Night Train

Author: Sylvia Bishop

When Max is sent by train from Paris to Istanbul to stay with her boring Great Aunt-Elodie, little does she expect to be plunged into a thrilling  adventure across Europe. And when the mysterious Heartbreak Diamond goes missing, Max must find her feet in a whirling world of would-be diamond smugglers, thieves and undercover detectives. Will she discover the real diamond thief before they reach their destination?

Perfect for fans of THE WOLF WILDER and COGHEART, this is Sylvia Bishop writing at her quirky, brilliant best.

“Assured, pacey and instantly seductive, it has the intricately inlaid feel of a classic children’s mystery” The Guardian
"Full of eccentric, engaging and enigmatic characters" North Somerset Teachers Book Award
"Tense and exciting… a fabulous story" MinervaReads
"I was totally charged and entertained by this exciting whirlwind of a story" BookLover Jo
"Perfect for fans of Cogheart, and Brightstorm" The Alligator's Mouth
"A great book" Mr Davies Reads Blog
"Sylvia Bishop is fast making her name as a creator of lively, quirky adventures… The prose is rich, deliciously readable and is delightfully enhanced by Marco Guadalupi’s illustrations" Books For Keeps
"This is a great book about friendship, loyalty and courage with a twisting plot!" National Geographic Kids