Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Simon and Schuster
Publication date
January 10, 2019
Other publishers
Ikaros (Greek), LAPA (Afrikaans), Andana Editorial (Castilian and Catalan), Beta Publishing (Turkish), Veltman Uitgevers (Dutch), Loewe (German)

The Sea Saw

Author and Illustrator: Tom Percival

When Sofia loses her beloved bear at the beach, nobody sees but the sea. Will Sofia and her bear ever be reunited?

A moving and heart-warming story which shows that nothing is ever truly lost if you keep it in your heart.

“A beautiful story which offers new ways to look at loss, while still offering hope of reunion. This is a must for any childhood bookshelf.” Book Murmuration
“This is a satisfyingly rounded and beautifully illustrated tale in which the images do much of the work, not least when it comes to conveying mood and the passage of time.” James Lovegrove, Financial Times
“The word play in the title hints at the memorable and unusual personification of the Sea that eventually brings [the toy and the child] back together in a dénouement that brings a tear to the eye. In order to create the landscapes and seascapes in the collage illustrations, Tom Percival has used more than 50 pieces of art from the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in very inventive ways.” Centre for Literacy in Primary Education