Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Publication date
April 6, 2017

The Bookshop Girl

Author: Sylvia Bishop

Eleven-year-old Property Jones doesn’t think it’s odd that she lives in a bookshop. After all, she was found in the shop’s lost property cupboard at five years old, and nobody ever came to collect her – so of course calling the bookshop home seemed like the wisest thing to do in the circumstances.

But when Property’s adopted bookshop family announce that they’ve won a competition, and that the prize is Montgomery’s Book Emporium – the most magical, most magnificent bookshop in the world! – Property realises that not all is as it seems. The bookshop may come with more books than they’ve ever dreamed of (as well as one extremely grumpy cat), but it also comes with a mystery – and Property is determined to solve it.

"Beautifully fresh-feeling and original with the sort of main character we just can't get enough of. This is something rather special indeed!" ReadItDaddy Chapter Book of the Week
"The prose reads freely, the plot moves like liquid gold. If I was seven again this is the book that would make me fall in love with reading. And bookshops." Minerva Reads
"There’s a real warmth to this story - as well as lots of laughs" Booktrust
"This is a book for book lovers, book SHOP lovers and of course, cat lovers everywhere. It is wonderful!" Sue and Pakka's Book Blog