Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Publication date
November 9, 2015
Other publishers
Abrams Books (US & Canada), Babulinka Books (Catalan), Turbine forlaget (Danish), Crymogea (Icelandic), Terre di mezzo editore (Italian), Knižná dielňa (Slovakian), Nordica Libros (Spanish),


Author and Illustrator: Lani Yamamoto

Stina does not like the cold. In fact, she will go to any length to avoid it. Even in summer she will never go out without tights and socks that cover her knees. When winter falls she retreats inside, knits, and invents ingenious devices to protect her from the slightest chill. The temperature drops further and Stina finally succumbs to the lure of her feather duvet and falls into a deep and dreamless sleep. She is woken by a pounding at the door, two kids tumble in, blown by the icy wind, and Stina learns that nothing can keep you as warm as friendship.