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Bloomsbury Children's Books
Publication date
July 12, 2018
Other publishers
Sharp Point Press (Chinese Complex), Scholastic Canada (French, North America), Dourei Publishing Co. (Korean), Zielona Sowa (Polish), BETA Basim Yayin Dagitim (Turkish)

Ruby’s Worry

Author: Tom Percival

Ruby loves being Ruby. Until, one day, she finds a worry.

At first it’s not such a big worry, and that’s all right, but then it starts to grow.

It gets bigger and bigger every day and it makes Ruby sad. How can Ruby get rid of it and feel like herself again?

A perceptive and poignant story that is a must-have for all children’s bookshelves.

"The perfect book for read aloud situations, classroom groups and for little ones who do tend to worry." Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews
"If your child has a worry - and all children do have worries - this is the ideal book to encourage them to talk about it." Parents in Touch
"With gorgeous illustrations and careful, beautiful words, it's a must buy for any child who worries or panics a bit more than they'd like." Irish Examiner
"Written with a lightness of touch . This is a very special book." Angels & Urchins
"A reassuring and thoughtful book that offers an optimistic but realistic resolution." Ten of the Best: books starring children from BAME backgrounds, Books For Keeps