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Bloomsbury Children's Books
Publication date
August 10, 2017
Other publishers
Bloomsbury US, Sharp Point Press (Chinese Complex), BeiJing Bright Culture Department (Chinese Simplified), Flachs (Danish), Steimatzky (Hebrew), Zielona Sowa (Polish), Polyandria (Russian), Grupo SM (Spanish), BETA Basim Yayin Dagitim A.S (Turkish), Hyronsha (Japanese)

Perfectly Norman

Author and Illustrator: Tom Percival

Perfectly Norman is a picture book about a boy who suddenly grows a pair of magnificent, rainbow-coloured wings. While he is on his own, he delights in soaring around up in the sky. But then he begins to worry what people will think about him and his new wings, and hides them away under a huge, tatty old coat – which makes him more and more miserable.

A journey of discovery in which Norman learns that self-acceptance is more important than the opinions of others, and that there is no such thing as ‘normal’ anyway.