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Legend Press
Publication date
March 16, 2020

On Wilder Seas

Author: Nikki Marmery


Enslaved in the Spanish New World, Maria is no stranger to sacrifice.

When a chance meeting offers escape, Maria seizes it. But she has unwittingly put herself at the mercy of the notorious Francis Drake, mid-circumnavigation, and he’s about to attempt the riskiest leg yet: a secret detour to find the fabled Anian Straits above America.

Sailing into the far north on the Golden Hind, Maria has a secret of her own. A lone woman among 80 men, she must defy all odds to keep her secret and survive. It will take all her courage and endurance to pursue her own journey – to shores unknown, to freedom, to herself.

On Wilder Seas is a historical novel inspired by the true story of Maria, the slave-woman who sailed to freedom on the Golden Hind during Drake’s circumnavigation voyage.

"A gripping adventure story of an extraordinary journey... compelling." Mandy Haggith
"This is a lively, spirited account of the epic voyage made by Maria, a woman who was a mysterious passenger on Francis Drake’s Golden Hind. Marmery’s debut novel is thoroughly researched and vividly written, with a host of colourful characters. The brutality, horror and discomfort of life on board a 16th century galleon and the wonders and dangers that the crew experiences are skilfully evoked. Maria’s perspective, that of an oppressed but feisty outsider, lends the familiar story an unusual dimension." Sally O'Reilly
"Marmery gives voice to a woman who, like so many others, has been written out of history... A gripping tale of true feminine courage." Martine McDonagh