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Leaping Hare Press
Publication date
August 17, 2017
Other publishers
Abrams (US)

My Year In Small Drawings

Author and Illustrator: Matilda Tristram

My Year in Small Drawings is a charmingly original visual diary which encourages you to create and collect the details all around you every day. Exploring the extraordinary in the ordinary, this meaningful artifact builds up dozens of dinky drawings for a uniquely personal record.

Author Matilda Tristram invites doodlers and designers alike to experience the irresistible immediacy of drawing small. Tangles of cables, window frames, tree buds; all just some of the objects she suggests we can learn to see in a new way, exploring their simple (and sometimes surprising) beauty, by drawing them.

Expert insights on how to simplify what we see, which pens and pencils to use, colour, and using perspective are mixed with astute observations to form a creative guide to cherish.

"This gorgeous little book can accompany you everywhere and really does help you appreciate the little things that you might otherwise miss. The illustrations are perfect for inspiring your own creativity – even if you're someone who doesn't usually draw." Oh Comely
"... Matilda Tristram is not only a very talented woman, but a very inspiring one too... [My Year in Small Drawings] compels and teaches us how to fall in love with (and draw) the little things that we encounter every day... like one of those ubiquitous colouring books, but better." Creative Boom
"... a beguiling small journal that provides an easy framework for anyone who might not know where to start... Tristram's introduction is warm, welcoming and useful for artists and non-artists alike. Her approach successfully blends openness with just a bit of structure, useful guidelines that don't feel like stifling rules." Slow Muse