Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
HarperCollins (Voyager)
Publication date
July 8, 2021
Other publishers
HarperCollins/Morrow (USA), AST (Russian)

Meet Me In Another Life

Author: Catriona Silvey

“I once asked my father if it was possible to remember someone you’d never met…”

Thora meets Santi for the first time when they are eighteen. Strangers in a foreign city, they bond over their shared ambition to travel to the stars. Thora thinks she’s finally found a kindred spirit, a friend for life. Until, days later, Santi is cruelly snatched away from her.

That’s not the only way it happens.

Santi meets Thora for the first time when he is 45, and she walks into his science classroom, a seven year old student who dreams of the stars; when he walks into her medical practice as an elderly patient; when her parents adopt him, aged five, as her brother; when they face each other on opposing sides of a bloody civil war. Life after life, haunted by impossible memories, Thora and Santi manage to find each other. But how is it possible to remember lives never lived, to meet someone over and over for the very first time? And is there a deeper mystery to the patterns of their strange existence?

By turns joyful, devastating and quietly profound, Meet Me In Another Life is the astonishing debut novel from Catriona Silvey.

"Silvey offers an inventive novel about intertwined faith and love." Debutiful
“Across lifetimes, Thora and Santi meet again and again, in different ways and forms. Sometimes the pair are colleagues, other times lovers, but in each iteration, they’re inexplicably drawn to each other. As their fates continue to cross, it dawns on them that they must decipher the purpose of their attachment — before their lives come to a final end. Engaging and inventive, this debut novel will appeal to fans of The Time Traveler’s Wife.” BookBub, Best Books of Spring 2021
“This is the kind of book that you stay up late into the night reading (and I did!) because you just have to know that these characters are going to come out all right. Thora and Santi are unforgettable and I'm a little in love with both of them. I would recommend this for fans of The Time Traveler's Wife.” Jen Flanagan, Hillsboro Public Library, Hillsboro, OR
“Some books take you into another world. This one takes you into multiple worlds . . . The clues are all there and the ending worth the trip.” Jan Blodgett, Main Street Books, Davidson, NC
“An absolutely incredible concept brought to life by a stunning new voice in literature. I simply could not put this book down, I had to live in this world as much as possible... Just the best kind of storytelling.” Becky Doherty, Northshire, Manchester Center, VT
“I don’t even know where to begin with this book... The beautiful and bittersweet stories of Thora and Santi alone would have been enough for me, but then out of nowhere comes a wonderfully surprising twist that I didn’t even know I needed. This book forces us to think about who we truly are and whether or not we would, or even could, change ourselves if given the chance. I cannot recommend this book enough and am excited to see what comes next from Catriona Silvey.” Allison Vance, Changing Hands, Tempe, AZ
“I read this book faster than any I've read in years—I literally couldn't put it down! Catriona Silvey takes you on a delightful journey of love, loss, hope, and fear, igniting questions and curiosity for the world beyond, and the meaning of life itself. Not only will you journey into the many lives of the two main characters, you will also, most importantly, journey into an entire world most could not fathom. Beautiful, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking." D'Arcy Valverde, Rediscovered Bookshop, Boise, ID
“A heart pounding, heartbreaking thrill ride of a read, MEET ME IN ANOTHER LIFE is one book you won't soon forget. Exquisite writing tells an absolutely beautiful story about life, love, and everything in between. As we follow Thora and Santi through numerous lives we see both dead ends and infinite possibilities at the same time, and can't help but care so deeply for each of them. An absolutely addictive read!” Marielle Orff, Towne Book Center and Wine Bar, Collegeville, PA
“I'm a sucker for novels that explore multiple and alternative realties, but MEET ME IN ANOTHER LIFE was still unlike anything I've ever read before. Addictive to read with characters you will absolutely ache for, this novel has an incredible cross genre quality that will make it a favorite in many different readers hands. Be sure to pick this up so you too can learn the fate of Santi and Thora.” Mary Moore, The Novel Neighbor, Webster Groves, MO
“If you want to read an incredible debut, mark down MEET ME IN ANOTHER LIFE now… IT BLEW MY MIND. It is what fans of the THE TIME-TRAVELER’S WIFE have been craving.” Liberty Hardy, Book Riot Senior CE
“Inventive, bold and surprising–from where the novel starts I could have never imagined where it ends. Along the way the story of Thora and Santi builds in suspense and emotion, revealing itself page by page, layer by layer. Cleverly constructed and highly entertaining.” Charles Yu
“An intriguing thought experiment and a sweet, melancholy heartache of a novel. Santi and Thora’s bond, in the many varied forms it took from life to life, was moving and claustrophobic. Given the smaller spheres many of us are currently living within, their mutual reliance felt particularly poignant . . . and asks the reader how much we are shaped by the people we love.” Kate Mascarenhas, author of The Psychology of Time Travel
“Entirely surprising, thoroughly enjoyable . . . Meet Me in Another Life asks what if we could live all our best and worst selves, and what if all those selves have one specific purpose. A truly captivating work with an ending that rocked my socks off.” Erika Swyler, author of Light From Other Stars and The Book of Speculation
"Brilliant, lush, and achingly imaginative! I love this book in every life." Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of Across the Universe and A World Without You