Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Macmillan Children's Books
Publication date
February 11, 2016
Other publishers
Sourcebooks (US), ADA Editions (French - Canada), Alma Littera (Lithuanian), Nemesis (Turkish)

Little Legends: The Spell Thief

Author and Illustrator: Tom Percival

Jack (of the beanstalk fame) and his magical talking chicken, Betsy, have always been great at making new friends. But when Jack spots Anansi, the new kid in town, talking to a troll in the Deep Dark Woods, everything changes. Everyone knows that trolls mean trouble, and Jack will do anything to prove to the rest of his friends that Anansi is a troll spy. Even if that means using stolen magic!

A brilliant new highly illustrated series featuring all the fairy-tale characters you know and love having brand-new adventures!

"This book includes all the classic fairy tale characters but tackles issues that children will deal with today. Missing a parent and feeling unease about a new friend joining the group are handled in an interesting, engaging way that doesn't feel like the moral at the end is being pushed." Booktrust
"Little Legends is a re-imagining of your favourite fairy tales and characters, including Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and a new arrival to Tale Town, Anansi. This early reader is just the ticket for reluctant readers, with large text, frequent, short chapters and a fast paced story line." Huffington Post
"A mash-up of favourite fairytale characters star in the new Little Legends series; very commercial highly illustrated chapter book adventures." The Bookseller, Children's Preview