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Publication date
November 2, 2020


Author: Katharine Orton

Through the glass, the magic is waiting…

Nona and her uncle travel everywhere together, replacing stained-glass windows in war-torn buildings throughout England. One day a mysterious commission takes them to the lonely moors of Dartmoor, where a wild and powerful magic threatens everything that Nona holds dear. Can she find the courage to protect those she loves – even if it means fighting darkness itself?

A beautifully imaginative and rich adventure about determination, courage and the power of love, set in the aftermath of World War Two. Perfect for fans of Abi Elphinstone, Sophie Anderson and Catherine Doyle.

"Orton’s fantastical world is creepily drawn; even better is her understanding of grief, suffering and healing." The Guardian
“A masterfully written story surging with powerful energy, as brilliant as the finest stained glass. Nona is a heroine you'll never forget.” Sinéad O'Hart
“Rich and atmospheric, Glassheart feels like a long-lost folktale brimming with ghostly magic.” Jennifer Bell
“Katharine Orton writes about history as someone who understands it, and about magic as though she could probably do it. Shatteringly good.” Nick Tomlinson
"Rich in folklore and historical significance, Glassheart is a unique and powerful book that will pull readers inside its pages." Scope for Imagination
"Steeped in the atmospheric mists and moors of Dartmoor, this tale shows us how grief and loss can set people on very different paths, and the picture we piece together at the end is as intricate and multi-faceted as the stained-glass windows that feature so beautifully in the tale itself." My Book Corner
"Thoroughly imagined and eerily atmospheric, Glassheart was both suspenseful and compelling. An exciting blend of folklore, fantasy and history. … Perfect reading for winter nights when rain lashes at the window and you are snuggled up safely inside." Meg Readz
"Orton’s fantastical world is creepily drawn; even better is her understanding of grief, suffering and healing." Rich Simpson (@richreadalot)
"There are plenty of edge-of-the-seat scenes, where you just keep guessing what is going to happen next. I was enthralled by the battles and challenges that are thrown at the characters at every turn." Sarah Tyson, Books Up North
"Prepare to be both chilled and enchanted, bothered and bewitched as you read this, the second of Katherine Orton’s stories. … With echoes of folktale and legend, the landscape that the author crafts is wild, unpredictable – sometimes sinisterly nightmarish." Jill R Bennett, Red Reading Hub
"Drawing on folklore and the wild landscape of Dartmoor, this is an imaginative and beguiling fantasy weaving in Nona’s courage, determination and the power of love." Books For Topics
"Katharine Orton shows an incredible lightness of touch in her writing, particularly in her descriptions of Nona and the emotions she experiences as she discovers the danger in which she finds herself and battles against what appears to be her destiny. … I cannot give this anything less than a fantastical 5 out of 5 stars." Mrs Sydney’s famous World’s Smallest Library