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Nosy Crow
Publication date
February 7, 2019


Author: Tom Huddleston

Kara and Joe spend their days navigating the perilous waterways of a sunken city, scratching out a living in the ruins. But when they come into possession of a mysterious map, they find themselves in a world of trouble. Suddenly everyone’s after them: gangsters, cops and ruthless Mariner pirates in their hi-tech submarines. The two children must find a way to fight back before Floodworld’s walls come tumbling down…


“Action-packed sci-fi with a cinematic feel.” Fiona Noble, The Bookseller
“An action-packed, edge-of-the-seat thriller, FloodWorld follows Joe and Kara as they’re sucked into a twisting whirlpool of gangsters, pirates, corruption and power struggles.” BookTrust
“An epic dystopian novel that grabs you from the first chapter and hurls you into a world that feels disturbingly believable, Flood World would be great for lovers of fast paced thrillers and sci-fi.” Anne Thompson, A Library Lady
“For readers that love exciting action-packed adventure stories and films, FloodWorld is perfect. It is full of tense cliffhangers, thrilling chase scenes and hairbreadth escapes as two children, Kara and Joe, fight to confound a ruthless pirate plot.” Books for Topics
"This fast-paced futuristic adventure story set in a sunken, post-climate change London feels like a blockbuster movie in waiting." @TimeOutLondon