Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Nosy Crow
Publication date
March 5, 2020


Author: Tom Huddleston

In the deserts of North America, an army is on the move. Led by a band of sinister brothers, they’re determined to confront and destroy their sworn enemies, the Mariners. With the future of civilisation at stake, can Kara and Joe make it across an entire continent in time to stop the war?

"Kara is a bold and strong female protagonist who believes in words, not war – a worthy hero, who will inspire the girls and boys to whom this book will undoubtedly appeal." Emma Hughes, Books for Topics
"This book is so cinematic I ate popcorn as I read it, I kid you not. Every page sees the reader's retinas seared with images so lucid, if not a little hazy from desert dust, that it is impossible not to feel like you are living the action." That Boy Can Teach
"The amazing sun-blasted ruined world, described in meticulous, mesmerising and horrifying detail - is the real star." Read It, Daddy
"As with the first instalment, this is a pacey, action-packed adventure with moments of true grit and peril." Library Girl and Book Boy
"The book is straight into the action and is a page-turner of a read." Bonkers About Books