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Publication date
July 13, 2015

City of Good Death

Author: Chris Lloyd

An intense and brilliantly realised crime thriller set in the myth-soaked streets of Girona.

A killer is targeting hate figures in the Catalan city of Girona – a loan shark, a corrupt priest, four thugs who have blighted the streets of the old quarter – leaving clues about his next victim through mysterious effigies left hung on a statue. Each corpse is posed in a way whose meaning no one can fathom. Which is precisely the point the murderer is trying to make.

Elisenda Domènech, the solitary and haunted head of the city’s newly-formed Serious Crime Unit, is determined to do all she can to stop the attacks. She believes the attacker is drawing on the city’s legends to choose his targets, but her colleagues aren’t convinced and her investigation is blocked at every turn. Battling against the increasing sympathy towards the killer displayed by the press, the public and even some of the police, she finds herself forced to question her own values. But when the attacks start to include less deserving victims, the pressure is suddenly on Elisenda to stop him. The question is: how?

With City of Good Death Chris Lloyd launches a gripping new series sure to appeal to readers of Val McDermid and the Inspector Montalbano novels. Rich in atmosphere, local detail and featuring an unforgettable heroine, it also announces the arrival of a major new British crime writing talent.

'An enjoyable and immersive police procedural set in beautiful Catalonia.' The Misstery Blog
'Excellent! Really worth checking out, if you want something rich in another different, vibrant culture and a good bloody murder or two!' Northern Crime Blog
'A fantastic intelligent story with many surprising twists and turns and a fabulous ending.' With Love for Books Blog
'I found the plot incredibly compelling... It was different in a brilliant way, and I absolutely adore our female detective Elisenda she is definitely up there with my top favourite detectives.' Emma's Bookery Blog
'I found this crime debut a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting read. When you finish a book and feel like you’ve been on holiday, well, surely that’s a very good thing indeed.' DampPebbles.com
'City of Good Death is a compelling, mystery book that had me racing to reach the end to find out who the murderer was. Not only that, the location of Catalan plays a large role in the book and I absolutely loved learning more about the location and all of its myths and legends. This book was a very unique and gripping read. It is a book that many crime lovers will absolutely love as it holds a very interesting case between it’s pages. I would definitely recommend this book and I am also really looking forward to reading the next one!' A Daydreamer's Thoughts Blog
'What a read! I immediately fell in love with Girona, its legends and Elisenda and her team. This fast-paced, complex novel had me from page one and I found myself unable to stop. The issues that the book raises call for a lot of self-questioning. How far would I agree with the actions of the killer? Could I ever agree? An absolute must-read.' LA, Customer Review
'I found this crime debut a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting read. When you finish a book and feel like you’ve been on holiday, well, surely that’s a very good thing indeed.' Emma, Goodreads
'I loved the way the modern and the historical/mythic were inextricably entwined in the plot… Interesting characters, a rich sense of place and history, all tied together withmasterful storytelling… I’m looking forward to the next in the series.' Ann, Goodreads
'Thoroughly enjoyed this book which introduces the feisty, capable Elisenda. Great multi-faceted story with loads of historical detail and descriptions of conflicts between communities, moral dilemmas etc....all wrapped around a gripping story that keeps you turning the page to find out who-dunnit. It also made me want to explore the region?....Girona sounds like a beautiful, historic city and well worth a visit.' DJ, Amazon
'Excellent crime read - loved the atmospheric backdrop of Girona and the folk history elements of the plot.' Ana Sampson, Goodreads
'A very well written and exciting murder mystery that does much more than just tickle your whodunit fancy.' Rosemary Standeven, Goodreads