Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency
Old Street
Publication date
March 4, 2021


Author: S E Lister

The people of an ancient city awaken one night to find the earth beneath them trembling. But only the Augur, a fearless prophetess who was once the power behind the throne, sees the fate that awaits them.

As the skies darken and portents threaten, a handful of people are drawn to do the Augur’s bidding. Fierce Saba and pale-haired Aemilia, her young acolytes, stolen from their homes long ago. Myloxenes, gentle son of the savage High Priest; and crippled Antonus, the man who should have been Emperor. In the city’s last days, each will be tested.

Their dearest hopes may not survive the fire that is to come.

Augury is the stunning third novel from S E Lister.