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HQ (HarperCollins)
Publication date
April 18, 2019

As Far As The Stars

Author: Virginia Macgregor

The second YA novel from acclaimed author Virginia Macgregor.

Two teenagers wait at Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C. Air is there to meet her brother Blake who is flying in from London. Christopher is waiting for his father, who is on the same flight.

 But the plane never arrives.

 With their worlds crashing down around them, Christopher and Air find themselves on a fast-paced road trip to Nashville—Air trying to convince herself that her brother must miraculously still be alive. That somehow he’d got on a different plane. Her wonderful, infuriating brother can’t possibly be gone.

 Christopher, meanwhile, can’t tell Air his biggest secret—that his father was the pilot of the missing plane. And that he knows her brother isn’t coming home. Because how can you tell someone something so terrible when you’re falling in love with them? And how can he possibly be falling in love, when his world is falling apart?

 As Far As The Stars is the powerful new YA novel from Virginia Macgregor, perfect for fans of John Green and Jennifer E. Smith.

“What an absolutely stunning story… profound and poetic." Stacy Is Reading Blog
“This was a beautifully written story about loss, guilt, love and finding yourself. Virginia MacGregor has created a page turning book that flowed from start to finish.” Books Love Readers
“A beautiful, evocative story… an extraordinary novel that had me turning the pages late into the night.” WhisperingStories.com
“This is a beautifully written story that grips hold of you and doesn’t let go.” The Bibliophile Chronicles