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Publication date
August 28, 2014
Other publishers
Knopf Books for Young Readers (US)


Author: Roman Milisic

Illustrator: A Richard Allen

When the mayor of a very tidy town notices a single flower out of place, Fussy Great Ape helpfully offers to fix it…but he demolishes the rest of the flowerbed in the process. He doesn’t want the mayor to worry, so he sounds off the ape call to action–“Cuppa cocoa! Apes-a-go-go!”—and Mucky Great Ape turns up to replant the flowers. Now the flowers look lovely…but now the entire town is covered in dirt!

Well, it’s clear what this problem calls for. More apes!

These eager apes have the best intentions, but they’re heaping disaster upon disaster. Can they work together to return this town to its formerly tidy glory?

A dynamic, slapstick picture book debut from Roman Milisic and A. Richard Allen. A laugh-out-loud story packed full of unstoppable antics!

"Milisic’s text has a nice, gentle rhythm to it . . . Allen’s pastel illustrations have a retro feel, which will make this a popular choice for parents with nostalgia for the cartoons of their youth. A silly story that young readers will go ape for!" School Library Journal
"Milisic's debut is goofy and endearing. Allen's muddy pastel illustrations look like a long-lost Saturday morning cartoon designed by James Thurber. Gently whack-a-doodle, sure to leave little listeners aping the giant apes." Kirkus Reviews