Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Sarah-Jane Page

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

Sarah-Jane spent her early years with words – her head was always in a library book and she regularly wrote stories for friends and newspapers for neighbours. Her passion grew and didn’t stop with English. On hearing Spanish for the first time at school, she remembers how the foreign words emerged as butterflies from the teacher’s mouth. She fell in love with another language.

She studied English and Spanish at university and, after a few years backstage in West End theatre, she trained as a teacher. During her time in the classroom, she was Head of Year in a challenging secondary school and dealt with teens on the brink of expulsion. Working with parents to put their teens back on track, she witnessed the power of language and how words can build teens up or knock them down.

Conscious of the individual support teens need to succeed, Sarah-Jane started work as a private tutor. She was chosen from over two thousand applicants to travel as personal tutor to the daughter of a public figure, which inspired her to start up her own venture. In 2013, she launched a private tuition company working with parents and teens to navigate adolescence and bring out the best in potential.

She has also indulged her love of all things Spanish. After running a sixth-form expedition to Peru, she went to Chilean Patagonia to work as Interpreter and Project Manager for the youth development organisation, Raleigh International, and spent two years as a Tour Leader in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

Her feet now firmly on Suffolk soil, Sarah-Jane enjoys beach walks, city breaks, making pictures out of buttons, and singing. She thinks tea tastes best from a white cup and she can’t watch anyone eat off a wooden spoon.

Sarah-Jane also runs writing retreats and revision trips in Andalucia, Spain, launching in 2020. www.retreatsandrevision.co.uk