Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Portals of London

Agent: Elinor Cooper

It is unclear why London is such a centre for interdimensional portals. From doors between worlds to spacetime-crunching wormholes, the city’s fabric, dimensionally speaking, seems to be uniquely porous.

But if there’s one thing more striking than the number and diversity of portals in the UK’s capital, it’s the strength of the almost willful effort by London’s inhabitants to forget that these gateways exist at all.

There are signs that this is changing, however.  Portals of London is a blog attempting to collect stories of these phenomena – be they historical or contemporary, well-documented or shrouded in myth – in the hope that one day a comprehensive catalogue or encyclopedia can be put together.

Posts range from relatively well-known portal history, like the electrically powered 19th Century craze for ‘world doors’ or the 1980s academic renaissance, to re-examining local folk tales, historical sources and obscure news stories, in the light of modern-day portal knowledge.  Posts won’t always recount dyed-in-the-wool cases of interdimensional openings. By including speculative examples and highlighting curious anomalies in the accepted reality of our city, we hope to pique the interest of those who have the time and skills to dig around and see what’s there.

It’s an incredible history – best of all, it’s ongoing.  We hope you enjoy reading the posts, please remember the blog does not claim to be a user’s guide, and if there’s anything you know that we don’t, please do get in touch.

“It’s a great example of the blurring of fact and supernatural fiction, presented as documentary fact…  Certainly, nobody who has read the blog will ever again walk through the Woolwich foot tunnel without checking the time at both ends.” – The Guardian

“… charmingly creepy… gently Borgesian fiction with just enough of a plausible tone to give the innocent reader a moment of pause: could this be true?” – Fortean Times