Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Nicola Belte

Agent: Bryony Woods

Nicola’s first literary achievement was having her heartfelt poem ‘Lament-for-the-Poor-Beetle-Trapped-in-a-Pop-Bottle’ read out in the school assembly when she was nine.

She spent several years writing poetry and starting novels – all while working in smoky bars and coffee shops and bouncing about the Greek Islands – before feeling the lure of the lecture theatre and returning to education.

She achieved a First Class degree in English at Wolverhampton University, and is currently studying a part-time MA in Creative Writing at MMU.

Nicola loves all things Gothic and Victorian, from back-street sideshows to tales of haunted mansions to fine moustachery, and she likes to use words that she probably made up. She is currently writing her debut novel for young adults.