Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Meg Fee

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

Born and bred in Houston, Texas, Meg first fell in love with words as a small child. She remembers the first time she found herself under a pile of books, and the first moment that letters conspired to form words. She’d wake early in the mornings before school to climb onto the living room couch and reach as much as she could. Eventually that love of words transformed into a love of theatre and she moved to New York at eighteen to study acting at the prestigious Juilliard School. Her parents allowed this on one condition: that she continue to develop her writing skills by keeping a journal (it is her white-knuckle hope that no one ever finds that leather bound diary). Meg graduated in 2008 just as the economy plummeted and began blogging as a creative outlet. It was there, in her little corner of the internet, that she discovered that writing felt a lot like coming home.

On her popular blog, MegFee.com, Meg writes about what it means to suss out a life when you’re totally unsure as to your place in the world – mining value and meaning in the mundane of the everyday: one’s morning coffee, home-cooked dinners around a full table, the joy in waking next to the  person you love. The blog rose in popularity as Meg began penning letters to the-man-she’d-one-day-marry and spawned a small movement that saw women across the internet do the same. Meg is the author of Places I Stopped on the Way Home which traces her time in the city, and the men who have – for better or worse – helped her define who she is and what she wants.

To date, words have been the great love affair of her life.

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