Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Kathy Brown

Agent: Bryony Woods

Kathy’s love of writing began when she received an A4 lined notebook for Christmas at the age of four. Despite a sack full of more conventionally exciting toys, she remembers being most excited about the prospect of writing her very own story. To this day few things are more exciting to her than the infinite possibilities of a blank page. (Though an epic cheeseboard comes close.)

In 2011, after years of filling more notebooks with short stories and her particular genre of excruciating teen poetry, Kathy launched her self-named blog. Alongside building a career in charity communications, she’s shared candid online musings about her life, relationships, mental health, career progression and her experiences of navigating 20-something life. Her work has been read over quarter of a million times, and has developed a loyal and engaged readership.

Kathy lives in beautiful Sussex and works as a Communications Manager at a hospice, which she loves. She’s working on her debut non-fiction.

When she’s not writing, you’ll find her nose deep in a book, raiding the snack drawer, or trying not to fall off a suspended hoop at aerial gymnastics classes.