Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Kathryn Ferry

Agent: Elinor Cooper

Kathryn Ferry has always been interested in exploring the past but never imagined she would one day become the nation’s beach hut expert and author of two books on the subject.  She grew up eight miles from the sea in North Devon but went to the beach wrapped up in winter woollies rather than summer swimsuits because her parents weren’t fond of the holidaymaking crowds. Despite this unpromising start she has developed a love of all things seasidey and regularly contributes to television and radio programmes as a seaside historian.

After going to Cambridge to study History, Kathryn was overjoyed to find that the discipline of Architectural History did actually exist and she could spend her days looking at, and learning about old buildings. She went on to write a PhD thesis about the Victorian architect Owen Jones who introduced the western world to Islamic architecture, in particular the Alhambra at Granada where he was lucky enough to live for six months. Jones was a Victorian workaholic designing wallpapers, biscuit wrappers and furniture, alongside buildings. Kathryn will get back to him again one day but left the world of academia to work for campaigning charity The Victorian Society before becoming a freelance writer and lecturer in 2007. Since then she has written for numerous magazines and published seven books on a range of subjects that demonstrate her love of nineteenth and twentieth century design as well as seaside architecture and culture.

Her latest book The Nation’s Host; Butlin’s and the Story of the British Seaside was published by Penguin in November 2016.