Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Joanne Burn

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

Stories are the thing. They’ve always been the thing. Reading them and writing them. Sharing and exchanging them.

The best-ever birthday present was a writing desk Joanne’s dad built into the tiny alcove in her bedroom when she was eight. Her proudest moment in primary school was when Mr Cox, her favourite teacher, bound one of her longer-than-average stories into something that very much resembled a book, and read it to the class at the end of the school day. She still has this very special first edition!

Having got some angsty poetry and a feminist polemic out of her system during the first decade of adulthood, Joanne has been writing fiction ever since. Her short stories have been published in national fiction magazines, and she is the author of three novels.

Despite having always wanted to live by the sea Joanne lives with her family in the beautiful, land-locked Peak District, and contents herself with unwittingly writing stories that conjure the coast in one way or another.

Other than fiction Joanne’s great loves, in no particular order: potato masala dosa, climbing munros, camping in good weather, laughing with her daughters, wild swimming, the snow, saunas, fires outdoors, cocktails, cooking for friends, coaching, films, all middle-eastern food without exception, dancing with her gorgeous husband, traveling anywhere warm, playing mah-jong with some particularly lovely women, walking across the moors to her local, finding deer in the woods, and eating very dark chocolate.