Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Jennifer Blair

Agent: Elinor Cooper

Jennifer grew up in Kent, in a home with many heavily laden bookshelves.

She now lives in Surrey, in a little house which, teeters on the side of a hill, overlooking a bird sanctuary. A move that made her cat, Mr Jones, very happy! (A collar with two bells putting a stop to any unwelcome ‘gifts’ being brought indoors) Her husband and son like it there too.

She cannot remember a time when she didn’t write and, now focuses on rhyming text for picture books.

She has an enduring, unsquashable passion for children’s literature, a favouite author being Tove Jansson. Who couldn’t fall in love with her trolls; adventurous but home loving, accepting of strange looking folk, who prioritise warm homes and full bellies and appreciate nature, swimming, theatre and a jolly good sleep!

Her favourite things include swimming, reading and eating porridge – but not at the same time! She is especially fond of visits to the sea, thunderstorms, and a gingerbread man with a very strong cup of tea.

When she is not writing, she works utilizing her British Sign Language skills and also has a wonderful part time job at a children’s theatre, where the creativity and audience reactions are a constant inspiration.