Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Eve Harvey

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

Eve has always had difficulty with growing up. Her mother and daughter regularly gang up on her to ridicule either her bright red hair or her Doc Martens with ribbons or her net underskirts. She rises above their mockery by living in the part of her brain which remains fourteen and where stripey tights are acceptable.  It will therefore come as no shock to discover Eve has had a plethora of jobs over the years, many of which she’s forgotten, some deliberately. It was only when she begged Waterstones for a job and they eventually relented that she realised where she belonged. She became the first Waterstones Children’s Expert Bookseller in Scotland and was their Children’s Regional Support Manager.

Eve is one of the founding members of the book blog Vulpes Libris where she reviews kids’ books. And she has a habit of getting involved with everything and anything. So you’ll find she’s judged the Scottish Children’s Book Awards and Chaired at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and is probably hanging about in your local bookshop making sure all their shelves are in alphabetical order.

Eve lives in a field just outside Edinburgh with her husband, her two teenage children, two dogs, a hamster and a tank of fish who won’t stop having babies.

Together with Cath Murphy, Eve writes the Nyxville series, in which two women discover their small and sleepy village contains the gate to Hell and that along with juggling stroppy kids, errant husbands and society’s demand that they look and cook like Nigella Lawson, they must also defeat the forces of Evil. She and Cath also blog and podcast at DomesticHell.com, where they defiantly throw laughter at all the crap things in life.