Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

David W. Beothram

Agent: Ella Diamond Kahn

Spike Milligan described being at war as ‘long periods of boredom interspersed with brief periods of excitement’.

Sounds a lot like life. 

To be fair there have been a few interesting bits, like living in Seychelles, playing the guitar, painting, stargazing and so on but the really interesting stuff – the best stuff – is what goes on on the inside – ideas kicked off by standing on the edge of a broken Victorian viaduct, or by watching the green hills of the Isles of Scilly rise up slowly from the sea or the sudden shriek of a steam engine’s whistle. And the best question after ‘who am I?’ is ‘what if?’ and Steampunk and Science Fiction and a little bit of Fantasy are what David’s writing is all about.

As a child David never stayed anywhere for long and never forgave his parents for taking him away from Northumberland as a young boy, a place that has invested him with a lifelong love of rugged empty spaces and deep dark forests.

After training in Fine Art and then teaching for longer than its best to think about, work (I’d call it a day job but I don’t just do it during the day) is now in what once would have been called an asylum, and the days and nights are filled with real stories of hope and fear and tragedy. And sometimes with the struggle just to keep someone alive.

These days home is Cornwall, a place so full of myths and odd melancholy wistfulness that the strange bright dreams keep coming, and the dreams and the stories just refuse to give up and go away.

Which is probably just as well.