Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Catherine Meade

Agent: Bryony Woods

Catherine Meade worked in advertising and marketing in London, Sydney and Munich for over fifteen years, before taking a brave pill in 2007 to become a freelance writer. She writes extensively for mental health trusts and also tutors children in English and creative writing, because they bring her cake and fortune cookies.

Having studied German and History at university, the wars and politics of the 20th century have a habit of cropping up in her writing; she was fascinated by the stories of her South London grandparents and taught in Germany just after reunification in 1989. Catherine finally discovered a passion for English literature and language when she read The Day of the Triffids and automatically connected with John Wyndham’s self-named genre of ‘logical fantasy’ writing. While man-eating plants may be absent from her first novel, Frances W. and the Mystery of the Crossed Feathers, she couldn’t help twisting the reality, just a little bit.

Catherine has now put down some roots in her native Kent with her illustrator partner, Pete Williamson, their young daughter and a house rabbit that nibbles her toes while she tries to concentrate.