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We are proud to represent an exciting and select list of talented authors.

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Mary Adkins

Daniel Aubrey

Sarah Baker

Ishbelle Bee

Nicola Belte

Sylvia Bishop

Kathy Brown

Joanne Burn

Nicole Burstein

Vanessa Curtis

Meg Fee

Daniel Goodleff

Sharon Gosling

Natalie Hart

Brenna Ryan Hassett

Rebecca Holman

Tom Huddleston

L H Johnson

S E Lister

Chris Lloyd

Virginia Macgregor

Nikki Marmery

Calum McSwiggan

Catherine Meade

Amy Newsham

Caroline O’Donoghue

Jane O’Reilly

Katharine Orton

David Owen

Sarah-Jane Page

Emma Pass

Jamie Russell

Elizabeth Shapiro

Catriona Silvey

Dan Smith

Laura Jane Williams