Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

About Us

Since we launched in November 2012, we have struck publishing deals with major publishers in the UK and around the globe, with our authors’ books being translated and published in over 30 languages. Our books have gained outstanding reviews and media attention around the world.

We are always on the look-out for fantastic new authors across a wide range of genres. Our main goal is to build lasting careers for our writers by matching them with the right editors and publishing houses, and negotiating the best possible publishing deals on their behalf.

We provide a bespoke service for each client, including: editorial feedback, rights sales and negotiation, contract and royalties management, and ongoing career management, from advice on literary direction, mediating author-publisher relations, to promotional strategies and social media. We enjoy working editorially with authors to make their writing shine and believe this lays the foundations for building a very close working relationship with our clients.

We are based in North London and have excellent contacts with major publishing houses and media organisations in the UK and internationally. Our film/TV/media rights are handled by Andrew Mills at Revolution Talent. We work with the following co-agents for our international translation rights: Marotte et Compagnie Agence Littéraire (French, Scandinavian and Nordic languages), Sebes & Bisseling Literary Agency (Dutch), The Fritz Agency (German), Berla & Griffini Rights Agency (Italian), The Foreign Office (Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan), Macadamia Literary Agency (Polish), Andrew Nurnberg Associates Budapest (Hungarian and Croatian), Andrew Nurnberg Associates Baltic (Baltic states, Ukraine), The Van Lear Agency (Russia), AnatoliaLit Agency (Turkish), The Grayhawk Agency (Complex and Simple Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian), Japan Uni Agency (Japanese), Regal Hoffman & Associates (USA, non-exclusive) and Stimola Literary Studio (USA, non-exclusive)

DKW is a member of the Association of Authors’ Agents.

Ella and Bryony are very proud to have been selected by The Bookseller as Rising Stars of 2013, and to have been named winners of the London Book Fair Trailblazer Awards 2016 and the Young Stationers’ Prize 2016.