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Welcome to Lis Maimaris

We’re thrilled to welcome Lis Maimaris to DKW as Elinor’s newest client.

Lis has studied creative writing under Michael Rosen and Julia Bell at Birkbeck College, London, and with Curtis Brown Creative.

Her debut YA novel, MY FATHER’S GHOST, is a modern-day retelling of Hamlet, set amongst the snowy mountains, lake and forest surrounding a family-run Danish hotel, The Sovereign.  A supernatural Scandi-noir, MY FATHER’S GHOST remains true to its Shakesperean inspiration, being beautifully written, and full of suspicion and suspense – but with happily fewer deaths in the last act.

Leta’s father died a year ago, after falling from a tower at The Sovereign Hotel – and now her mother has remarried Let’s vile uncle, Karl.  Out swimming in the hotel pool one night, Let sees a terrifying figure looming out of the darkness. Has her father come back to haunt her, or is she slowly losing her mind to grief? 

She’s never believed he jumped; she needs to find out what really happened the night her father fell, but as Let tries to find out what could be happening, she feels her grip on reality slipping.  With the help of her two best friends, Opie and Hjal – with whom she is tentatively exploring the boundaries between friendship, love and sex – can Let find the truth and get justice for her father?  Feeling the push and pull between the spiritual, unknown, and the rational and scientific, can Let find the strength to reconcile with her mother, and let go of her father’s ghost?

Welcome, Lis!