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Welcome to Katharine Orton

We are delighted to welcome the wonderfully talented children’s author Katharine Orton to DKW! Katharine is the latest author to join Bryony’s list of clients, having met her through the WoMentoring Project, where Bryony was bowled over by her vivid and powerful storytelling.

Katharine’s debut children’s novel, Nevertell, is a darkly magical middle-grade adventure, set in the wilderness of Siberia.

12-year-old Lina was born in a Soviet prison camp and has never seen the world outside. It’s a tough life: there’s little to eat, little to keep prisoners warm, and the guards have little sympathy for the inmates. So when Lina stumbles across a plot to break out, she can’t resist going along with it.

Her mother, left behind at the camp, has only one piece of advice: get to Moscow. Find your grandmother.

So begins an epic adventure across the frozen wastes of Siberia as Lina and her friend Bogdan attempt to evade capture by the Secret Police, encounter new friends and dangerous enemies, and stumble across the kinds of magic Lina thought could only exist in fairytales…

Welcome to DKW, Katharine!